The benefits of Dorma door closers

In order to keep your doors functioning smoothly and safely it is necessary to have properly installed and maintained door closers. There are many different types of door closer available, depending on the size and weight of the door, the speed of closing and many other factors. We recommend using Dorma door closers, as a reliable and sturdy option. We at Door Doctors specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of Dorma door closers, and can help you to find an option that fulfils your requirements.

All Dorma door closers are CE tested and fire tested, which is approved by a third party, and their premium build quality meets all safety requirements expected, helping to keep your commercial property safe and secure.

Choosing the right Dorma door closer for your particular property is vital, as an unsuitable option can cause maintenance problems further down the line. Door Doctors can help you to choose from Dorma’s wide range of products, to find the qualities that best meet your needs.

All Dorma door closers are sleekly designed and are usually very compact, so they fit well with stylish interiors and are never unsightly. Some door closers are even concealed in the floor or ceiling, which may be appropriate for glass doors in particular.

Many Dorma door closers are suitable for single or double leaf doors, and are non-handed, making them more versatile for use throughout your commercial property. Where your doors have particular requirements, we will ensure that you have the right door closer to hand. Dorma create closers for many sizes and weights of door, so there will always be an option that is suitable.

Some models of Dorma door closers are specifically designed for particular ease of use, whilst others have adjustable settings of close speed and can convert between a free swing function and a controlled hold-open.

Whatever you require of your Dorma door closer, we can help you find the right one, install and maintain it for you. For more information, contact us today.