4 Top Reasons to Install Aluminium Doors

If you’re currently trying to choose new doors for your business there are a lot on the market. Here are our top reasons to consider installing aluminium doors…

Aluminium doors give you discrete or invisible hardware, without the bulky hinges that often come with doors in other materials. Because aluminium is light and slim, it needs no reinforcement for hardware to have a strong fixing point.

Aluminium doors can be made wider and taller than doors in other materials, and without showing bulky hinges. As a result, aluminium doors can look far neater and more attractive than doors made of other materials.

Aluminium doors can also look nicer because they allow for more glass panels – perfect for a shop front type of door. They also have less visible frames and are often thinner, and therefore more aesthetically pleasing.

Aluminium doors are more flexible, allowing you to tailor them to your needs. Because aluminium doors provide multiple glass and panel options modifications can be made far more easily.

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