We can install and repair your Dorma Doors, no matter where you are in the South West.

Door Doctors have been around for over 40 years now carrying out Dorma door repairs across the South West. We dont just install Dorma doors infact most of our work goes into repairing them. Our Dorma door repairs service offers replacement of faulty door closers, changing of floor springs, replacement of drive arms, bottom pivots or changing locks. Our rates are very competitive and no matter where in the South West you are our prices remain the same. If you have an Dorma door in need of repair.


Dorma Doors

Dorma is the worlds leading brand when is comes to door closers, be it transom closers or floor closers and so much more. We have been using Dorma products for a long time now, so we have alot of confidence when using any of their products.

Because our vans carry all major Dorma door parts we are able to fix any issues you any have.

Do you have an aluminium door? the chances are you have a transom closer built into the frame. For more information please click the following link. Aluminium door repair.

If you have a glass door then normally but not always you will have some kind of plate in the floor, for more information on glass doors please click the following link. Glass door repair.

Any questions regarding an aluminium or glass door in need of a repair, please contact us today.

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Is your Door in need of Annual Maintenance?

We also offer door service & maintenance packages for commercial doors on either an annual or six-monthly basis. As your door is normally the first point of entry to your business it makes sense to have it regularly serviced to avoid losing a morning, afternoon or even a days worth of trade because of a broken door.