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Door Doctors are proud to provide aluminium and glass door repairs, services and maintenance across Dorset. Our team is on hand to replace faulty or damaged components such as door closers, floor springs, drive arms, bottom pivots as well as replace locks.

Not only are our rates fair and competitive, but they remain static no matter where in Dorset you're located! If you have an aluminium or glass door that requires a repair, a service or a maintenance plan, contact us today!

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How Door Doctors Can Help

Aluminium Door Repairs

Aluminium Door Repairs

Are you looking to get your commercial aluminium door repaired or replaced? Then look no further.

We have been in business for over 40 years now, carrying out repairs for small corner shops customers all the way up to some of the biggest franchises in the UK.

We offer a fast and reliable service covering all of Dorset.

The most common issues we are called out for are the following

  • Doors closing too fast
  • Locking issues
  • Oil leaking from the closer
  • Opening and closing issues
  • The door has started to catch on the floor

Our vans carry all major parts meaning most repairs can be done in one visit, helping to prevent any loss of earnings for you.

The most common issues we see with commercial aluminium doors are generally because of a lack of maintenance or due to the fact that certain locations have heavy usage. And the components have come to the end of life and require replacing.

Our rates are very competitive and no matter where in Dorset you are our prices remain the same.


Door Doctors can offer a complete glass door repairs service. We are pleased to offer the following services: supply and installation of new glass shopfront doors, replacement of old or damaged glass shopfront doors, replacement of floor springs, replacement door closers for glass doors and replacement of locks, repair for glass shop front doors that don’t close correctly or are slamming. Taking the decision to repair the damaged door may save you both time and money. Door doctors have over 40 years experience of successful glass door repair projects and we offer a free quote service.


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Call us on -

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Is your Door in need of Annual Maintenance?

We also offer door service & maintenance packages for commercial doors on either an annual or six-monthly basis. As your door is normally the first point of entry to your business it makes sense to have it regularly serviced to avoid losing a morning, afternoon or even a days worth of trade because of a broken door.